Donna Brown President Analies Enterprises

Commenced her law enforcement career over thirty five years ago with the Toronto Police Services.  While there she worked records, street patrol, youth staff services, undercover assignments and  homicide . After leaving the force, she worked as a  Private Investigator within the city of Toronto investigating domestic and commercial frauds before joining CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) .  With CBSA  she  has gained an impressive enforcement background working   in various areas within the customs organization : marine,  commercial , international traffic,  rail   and training .   Narcotics, weapons  and  pornography  seizures had become a way of life.  Counter terrorism was studied at the local college  .  Over the last twenty years of her career she has studied human behaviour both verbal and body dynamics and travelled far and wide to study under the best , becomming an  interview specialist.  Both American and Canadian trained she is now dubbed " The expert in reading people " by the Canadian media and is often called upon for her opinion whether  it be on TV  or radio.   Numerous news articles have been written on her ability to read people correctly. 

Donna has been on the lecture circuit for over 8 years and has been the top guest lecturer at many highly recognized conferences.   She instructs  private industry and is often a guest speaker with law enforcement agencies, specifically the police. Donna has been a regular guest lecturer conducting workshops at functions such as: The Financial Management Institute (FMI) Conference held in Ottawa, Canada  This conference is staged for internal audit personnel and attracts approximately two thousand members from the audit stream. She stands in good company  as other guest lecturers have included Members  of Parliament and the Auditor General of Canada.  Her work shops were listed as a conference favorite.   

She has also been listed as one of the outstanding guest speakers at other events such as AML (Anti money laundering) conferences and trains investigators and compliance officers in the art of detecting deception and interviewing.  

University students love her open ,honest  and modern style  to training.  They also walk away with tips on how to be safe in todays environment. 

The Toronto Police Hold Up Squad conference  held in Toronto, Canada  listed Donna's workshop as number one for  being both  informative and relevent in todays  law enforcement world.      

Some of the agencies Donna has  trained are:  Toronto Police Services ,  Customs and  Immigration Enforcement Squad  (GTEC) ,Durham police, OPP, Windsor, London, Amhurstburg,RCMP and the National Weapons Enforcement Team ( to name a few) on understanding non-verbal behaviour.  For police agencies her topic on “predicting violent behaviour”  and "Threat assessment" is most welcome in today’s dangerous environment

She is also  a graduate from the National Advanced Threat Assessment Academy owned and operated by Dr Gavin Debecker who is one of the leading authorities in the world on protection, predicting and dealing with violent behaviour.  Debecker and associates  specialize in domestic violence, personal protection, risk management, workplace violence, terrorism , school shootings and have been   policy advisors to the United States government and police agencies throughout the world.   

Donna has studied under some of the leading experts in the world ie: (Dr. Paul Ekman of The Ekman Group, JJ Newberry, Avinom Sapir,  Dr Mark Frank  )  on subject matter such as : statement analysis, body language, recognition of micro epxressions and understanding  criminal behaviour.  

Donna is well respected within the law enforcement community and has often been consulted by  the police, insurance companies,lawyers and private individuals . She has had positive feedback from front line police officers who have conducted roadside stop interviews and found weapons that could have been used to hurt or severely injure the officer.  

Donna’s hard-hitting yet humorous direct approach when instructing has become extremely popular within the law enforcement and investigative world.  Recently Human Resource professionals have signed on for her expertise on interviewing.  " The better informed you are ,the better you can pick up nuances from the person you are interviewng"  Donna says   " knowledge is power "  and she's right. 

 She is a highly sought after commodity, delivering riveting lectures/workshops on reading people, recognizing micro expressions , cultural differences and understanding the psychological background of the deceptive mind.