Dear Donna

     On behalf of my team I wanted to thank you for coming to Ryerson to train myself and members of my team in your unique approach to “reading people” during the investigative interview.  I have been conducting investigative interviews for almost 20 years and have taken many different seminars and programs in this area, including Reid, non accusatory interviewing, and cognitive interviewing.  I have also read countless books on the topic and must say I have never walked away with so much new knowledge.

     After attending a two hour seminar with the Toronto Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), where you were a guest speaker on, Micro Expressions I was left wanting more, MUCH MORE.  In that short two hour presentation it became apparent to me and many colleagues in the room, that you were a subject matter expert in an area most new little about.  Many people also commented about how your presentation style was exciting, and you really owned the room.  Shorty after I reached out to you and expressed my interest in having you attend Ryerson to provide training for my staff in this exciting area.  I was extremely impressed that you wanted to meet with me to customize your training program for my staff, so that maximum benefits would be achieved.  I was even more impressed by the training you provided to me and my staff.  The feedback I received was unbelievably positive and they all gained an incredible amount of knowledge in the area of Micro Expressions and how to look for them and what they mean.  The use of real interviews to show the techniques, handouts and websites for practicing along with your passion and knowledge of the subject made for an excited training session for all.

     It has been several months since your training session and I have seen a marked improvement in how my staff prepare for and conduct interviews, not to mention how much more confident they are.  Results don’t lie, as recently we were faced with a particularly challenging file and I watched as members of my team reviewed what they learned from your training and then put it use which resulted in the outcome we were looking for.

     Donna, you made a lasting impression on me and my staff and I know all participants walked away better interviewers for the experience.  I look forward to working with you in the future.  I was literally inundated with praise, highly recommended.

Keith Christie
Department of Security and Emergency Services 
Ryerson University