The Forensic Approach to Reading People

Can you spot criminal behaviour by watching body movements? Can you spot a potential threat risk by observing one's behaviour? Can you tell anything about a person by how they act and talk?  Donna Brown's   unique training sessions help participants learn the art and science of reading people , detecting deception and potential security risks through a wide variety of behavioral analysis , such as : recognizing micro expressions, what certain body movements mean, concealment, listening to not only what someone says but how they say it. ( Even the way a person shakes your hand can reveal things about themselves). Learn the do's and don'ts  in interviewing and the differences between cultures. 


For Law Enforcement/Investigative field

-Keeping safe in todays  dangerous environment

-case management 

-improve your ability in street interviews

-cognitive recall

-credibility assessing


Legal professionals:

-client assessments 


-jury selection


Human Resource

-Section 168  investigations

-harassment and sexual misconduct investigations

-primary hiring  interviews

-credibility assessing

-detecting deceit